KCARC Repeater(s) Information
Kay County Amateur Radio Club
The Kay County Amateur Radio Club operates four open FM repeaters located in the Ponca City, Oklahoma area. If you are a licensed Amateur Radio operator, join us on the air!  Our repeaters are on 146.970 MHz (No PL), 146.730 MHz (No PL) and a 440 repeater on 444.700 MHz (PL 88.5) as well as a DMR repeater on 444.750 MHz + 5 (CC1)

EchoLink node 4640 is available on the 146.970 MHz repeater.  The 146.730 MHz repeater is linked to the Kan-Okla InterTie System which covers about 40,000 square miles of Southwest and Central Kansas and Northwest and North Central Oklahoma.  The UHF repeater on 444.700 MHz (PL 88.5) is part of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club Linked System which covers about 50,000 square miles of eastern Oklahoma, the southern edge of Kansas and western Arkansas. The combined coverage of these two systems is nearly 90,000 square miles.

A list of all Kay County repeaters is located here.

The KCARC holds a weekly 2 Meter FM net on the 146.970 MHz voice repeater (W5HZZ) at 9:00 PM (2100) local time, Monday evenings. You need not be a club member to sign into the net so please join us if you are in the area.
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