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An FCC granted amateur radio operator's license is required for operation of an amateur station. For new and upgrade applicants, there are three classes of license, each authorizing privileges corresponding to the qualifications required. The classes of license, from highest to lowest are: Amateur Extra Class, General Class, and Technician Class. Before receiving a license grant, the applicant must pass an examination administered by a team of volunteer examiners (VEs). Three other classes of operator licenses have been issued in the past; but, are no longer available. These include the Novice Class, Technician Plus Class and Advanced Class.

Most new amateur radio operators start at the Technician Class and then advance to the General Class or Amateur Extra Class. The VEs give examination credit for the license class currently held so that examinations required for that license class need not be repeated. The VEs prepare the written examinations from question pools that have been made public. Study guides and training courses are available from a number of sources.

The Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (VECs) maintain a common question pool for each written examination element. Each pool contains at least ten times the number of questions required for a single examination. Every question set administered to an examinee is prepared by a VE. The actual questions on a written examination are taken from the appropriate pool. These pools are revised and updated periodically to incorporate the latest rules, new technology and interests of the amateur service community. Be sure that you prepare for an examination by studying material based on the current question pools. These pools are available in several non-government commercial publications such as those from the ARRL. Non-government commercial sources also offer learning opportunities in the form of audio and video tapes, manuals and books, computer and live instructional courses. The examination question pools are also available on this site by clicking on the Question Pool links listed below.
FCC Amateur Radio Question Pools
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Other sources of Amateur Radio Licensing material:
In addion to the resources listed above, The Kay County Amateur Radio Club conducts licensing preparation classes from time to time.  Please check our "Announcements" page for the latest class schedule.

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